Our Services

We offer the following services from our pharmacy in Graiguenamanagh, Co.Kilkenny

COVID-19 Vaccination

✔ You can get your first, second or third booster FREE.

Book your vaccine by calling us on (059) 972 5326 or email info@brandonvalepharmacy.ie

    Flu Vaccine

    ✔ Our flu vaccine service aims to provide you with a convenient and affordable way to protect yourself against seasonal influenza. All 2-17 year olds are eligible for FREE intra-nasal vaccines and many adults may avail of free vaccination if they fall into eligible groups.

    For more information and to book your vaccine call us on (059) 972 5326 or email info@brandonvalepharmacy.ie

    Monitored Dosing Packs

    ✔ These dosing packs, available on request, are a way of helping you, or someone you know, organise and take medicines at the right time every day. We offer this service FREE of charge.

    Blood Pressure Measurement

    ✔ This is a FREE service provided by Brandonvale Pharmacy and can be carried out without prior appointment. Just drop in and request from our helpful staff, we would be delighted to see you.

    For more information call us on (059) 972 5326 or email info@brandonvalepharmacy.ie

    BMI Measurement

    ✔ This is a FREE service provided by Brandonvale Pharmacy, no appointment necessary. 

    For more information call us on (059) 972 5326 or email info@brandonvalepharmacy.ie

      Contraception Services

      ✔ The FREE contraception scheme for women aged 17 to 25 was launched on 14 September 2022 and is open to women in that age bracket who are ordinarily resident in Ireland. This scheme entitles this age cohort of women to free contraception with a prescription from their prescriber.

      ✔ Emergency contraception is available without a prescription, subject to meeting certain criteria. Emergency contraception is a safe and effective method of preventing pregnancy when regular contraception has failed or if no contraception was used. As above, this is FREE to those women between 17 and 25. For women outside of this bracket with a medical card it can be processed under the same government scheme and for all other patients a fee will be charged.

      It can be effective up to 120 hours after unprotected sex but is more effective the sooner you use it.

      For more information call us on (059) 972 5326 or email info@brandonvalepharmacy.ie

      Chiropody Clinic

      ✔ Our visiting chiropodist Breda Nolan provides the following services:

      • Toe Nail Cutting
      • Fungal Nail Treatment
      • Cracked Heels
      • Ingrown Toe Nail Treatment
      • Thickened Nail Treatment
      • Verruca Treatment & Advice
      • Corn & Callous Removal
      • Diabetic Routine Footcare & Advice

      Hearing Healthcare Clinic

      ✔ Our visiting Hearing Aid Audiologist Gerard Feeney runs a hearing healthcare clinic every second week from Brandonvale Pharmacy where clients can avail of a free comprehensive audiological hearing test and consultation.
      ✔ Other services Gerard provides are; hearing aids at competitive prices; mobile apps; tinnitus management; speech testing; tympanometry; real ear measurements; musicians’ ear plugs and ear protection; and ear wax removal, and all clients are guaranteed free aftercare for their hearing aids.
      Contact Ger on (087) 2996749 or email gerardfeeneya@gmail.com to book an appointment.